• A valid credit card number must be provided to confirm a booking.
  • We require 5 days notice of cancellation before the scheduled drop off time . This is so that if we have enough notice we may have the opportunity to fill that vacancy from our cancellation list. Previously, with our 48 hr cancellation policy, most people have made other arrangements for their pets by then. A $50 fee will be charged to customers who don’t give the 5 days notice of cancellation.
  • We require a credit card number to reserve your pet’s kennel. If someone has booked for a period of time for their pet and does not show, they will be charged for the amount of time they had booked for. The reason for this is if we have customers that do not show up for their allotted time, we are not able to fill this pen for someone who would like to use our services during that period of time. Once again, because of the increased demand for our services if we are given enough notice of a cancellation then we have the potential of filling these pens.
  • We require a person to give 5 days notice before the scheduled drop off time if they would like to change their booking, otherwise the person is required to pay for the allotted time they originally booked. Example, a customer books for June 10-28, but when they drop off their pet, they change their booking to June 26 for pick up. They will be charged until June 28. If the customer wants to change their booking dates, they must do so by June 5th. The reason for this is if we have customers picking up their pet early without proper notice we lose the potential of filling that pen for another pet.
  • If all the kennel policies are followed, the credit card number is not used and remains on file. The customer pays for their pet’s stay when they pick them up.

We thank you for taking the time to read our policies and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.